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CONTACT: Mark Holden, Executive Director
Phone: 801-524-3146

SUBJECT: Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission Meeting

Salt Lake City, UT - The Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission will hold its next public meeting on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 10:00 AM in the Commission office conference room at 230 South 500 East, Suite 230.

Among four items proposed for Commission consideration are two agreements to provide stewardship funding to non-profit organizations that assist the Commission with managing its property around the Great Salt Lake.

Another item for consideration is an agreement with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for weed control and an assessment and plan for dealing with the aftermath of the 2018 Dollar Ridge Fire to help guide restoration efforts. The Dollar Ridge Fire began on July 2, 2018, eventually burning an area of almost 70,000 acres. This fire was centered over the Strawberry River watershed from Soldier Creek Dam downstream over 20 miles to the confluence with Red Creek. The fire itself affected the river corridor, destroying riparian habitat and displacing wildlife populations. However, catastrophic impacts occurred during two separate monsoonal rain events in 2018 and another thus far in 2019 that caused severe flooding and debris flows. These events led to loss of 10 miles of road and bridges, loss of public access, and numerous downstream impacts on water quality and private property. Flooding also affected water quality downstream in Starvation Reservoir and in the Strawberry River below Starvation.

The Mitigation Commission is an independent Federal agency created by the Central Utah Project Completion Act of 1992. The Commission is responsible for planning, funding, and implementing projects that benefit fish, wildlife, and related recreation resources in order to offset impacts caused by the Central Utah Project, and other Federal water reclamation projects in Utah. The Commission meets publicly to consider and act on agreements to carry out mitigation projects with various partners, including State and Federal natural resource agencies and non-profit groups.


Email Link to the Utah Reclamation Mitigation Conservation Commission, urmcc@uc.usbr.govAddress for Utah Reclamation Mitigation Conservation Commission, 230 South 500 East, Suite 230, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102-2045, (801)524-3146, Fax (801)524-3148

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