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CONTACT: Mark Holden, Executive Director
Phone: 801-524-3146

SUBJECT: Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission Meeting

Salt Lake City, UT - The Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission will hold its next public meeting via WebEx teleconference on Wednesday, May 27 at 10:30 AM. Those wishing to participate are asked to follow the instructions listed below.

Ratification of two agreements and modification of one agreement will be proposed for Commission action at the meeting. All three items address the Provo River Delta Restoration Project. For more project information, visit

Four items are proposed for Commission consideration. Two items involve monitoring and research for Ute ladies’-tresses, a threatened plant, found in Diamond Fork Canyon and other locations. Another item will provide for increasing instream flows in a reach of Provo River. The fourth and final item would allow additional time for final design to be completed for the Provo Delta Gateway Park. For more information, visit

The Mitigation Commission is an independent Federal agency created by the Central Utah Project Completion Act of 1992. The Commission is responsible for planning, funding, and implementing projects that benefit fish, wildlife, and related recreation resources in order to offset impacts caused by the Central Utah Project, and other Federal water reclamation projects in Utah. The Commission meets publicly to consider and act on agreements to carry out mitigation projects with various partners, including State and Federal natural resource agencies and non-profit groups.

Meeting Information:

Meeting link:
Meeting number:   908 944 575
Password:   4P6r3882G7e

More ways to join:

Join by video system:   Dial
Join by phone:   +1-415-527-5035 US Toll
     Access code:   908 944 575


Email Link to the Utah Reclamation Mitigation Conservation Commission, urmcc@uc.usbr.govAddress for Utah Reclamation Mitigation Conservation Commission, 230 South 500 East, Suite 230, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102-2045, (801)524-3146, Fax (801)524-3148

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