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NOTICE: This site is being rebuilt to improve its accessability and design. We appreciate your interest and support of our projects and apologize for the delay. We will post significant updates and Commission news here as it develops, meantime please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience.Homepage Collage of our Programs


A proposed project to restore an area of the Jordan River around 8600 South in West Jordan is being analyzed in a draft Environmental Assessment available for public review and comment until April 30. View an interactive project summary by clicking here! 

Construction will begin April 3 to move a middle Provo River parking lot and facilities about 1,000 feet to a location closer to its turnoff from Midway Lane in Midway. Access to the old parking lot may be disrupted while construction is occurring, and will close on April 17. Construction is expected to be complete and the new site open around April 30. Public Notice and Map

An informational video about the Provo River Delta Restoration Project is now available! To watch it, visit the project website: provoriverdelta.us
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