Commissioners and Staff
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The Mitigation Commission is required by the CUP Completion Act (the federal law that created the Commission) to be composed of five Utah residents. The President of the United States appoints all members from nominations from separate sources: one from the U.S. Senate; one from the U.S. House of Representatives; one from the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (the entity primarily responsible for constructing the Central Utah Project, for which mitigation must be completed); and two from the Governor of Utah – one from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and one recommended by Utah environmental organizations. Except for the District representative, all members are to have training or experience in wildlife or environmental conservation matters. The Commission is responsible for appointing a Director, who in turn is responsible for hiring staff.

Current Commission and staff consist of the following:

Brad Barber, Chair (Utah Environmental Organizations)
Gene Shawcroft (Central Utah Water Conservancy District)
Robert L. Morgan (Senate)
(Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

Mark Holden, Executive Director
Kim Embley, Administrative Assistant
Maureen Wilson, Project Coordinator
Melissa Stamp, Project Coordinator
Richard Mingo, Planning Coordinator
Channa Vyfvinkel, Financial Officer
Diane Simmons, Public Information Officer
Mata Lolofie, Accounting Technician
Isabelle Simmons, Finance Clerk
Paula Trater, Seasonal Biological Technician

Email Link to the Utah Reclamation Mitigation Conservation Commission, urmcc@uc.usbr.govAddress for Utah Reclamation Mitigation Conservation Commission, 230 South 500 East, Suite 230, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102-2045, (801)524-3146, Fax (801)524-3148